VALENTINO PIZZERIA TRATTORIA cuisine borrows from every region of Italy along with a little influence from their Northern New Jersey roots. Opening for business in July of 2006, the Valentino family wanted to create a casual, family-friendly and energetic restaurant that served what they coin “Grandma’s Italian Food”.

Valentino’s is committed to cooking with only the freshest ingredients available and trying to source local ingredients when possible. All of the food is truly cooked to order and prepared in a way our grandparents and ancestors would be proud.




We have a full bar at our University location and serve beer and wine at our Clark Road location


Private Parties

Our private party room can seat up to 55 guests for private lunch or dinner events


Hours & Locations


Clark Road


Mon-Thu | 11a - 9p
Fri & Sat | 11a - 10p
Sun | 4p - 9p

4045 Clark Road
Sarasota, FL 34233

(941) 921-9600

* Beer + Wine Available


University Pkwy


Mon-Thu | 11a - 9p
Fri & Sat | 11a - 10p
Sun | 4p - 9p

8203 Cooper Creek Blvd.
University Park, FL 34201

(941) 359-6400

* Full Bar Available